About Fatalie

Since launching in 2012 and opening an e-commerce space in 2019, Fatalie has been proudly designing fashion garments to dress the femme fatale. We aim to empower women through our unique designs, and strive to provide the femme fatale with her daily armor to conquer the modern world.

  • Delivery

    Fatalie is a made on demand brand. In an effort to reduce waste and support responsible purchasing habits for our collective future and environmental health, all garments are constructed after orders are placed. Delivery times vary depending on the complexity of the garment and courier service used to fulfill the order. Generally, orders ship approximately 2-3 days after being placed. As soon as your order is placed, we work efficiently to fulfill your delivery at the earliest convenience.

    For international purchases: Depending on where you intend to ship your order, you may be required to pay import duties, customs and local sales taxes upon the arrival of your parcel. As we are unable to advise you on the exact cost for the taxes and duties, we recommend contacting your local customs office or tax authority before placing your order.

    If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us at: fataliedesigns@gmail.com.

Fatalie History: Meet the designer

Hello, my name is Kim. I've been designing and creating fashion garments for 9 years. At age 14, I had my first fashion show in Accra, Ghana. After graduating high school, I moved to Canada to pursue an education and career in fashion. In 2019, I established an online store to professionally sell my designs. My goal is to gradually grow my business and eventually open a studio in Toronto, Ontario.

As a young man growing up in Africa, I quickly became aware of the socially acceptable sexist mindset regarding women. Having a strong willed mother that differed from those social regulations introduced me to a new narrative. It taught me that women were more than housewives, nurturers and caregivers. They too had the potential to ensue revolutionary change. I saw this same spirit in my sisters and several women I've met in my life. These women inspired me to use my talents to provide them the support they need to face the modern world. 

It is inevitable that the clothes we wear have the power to alter people's perception of us. Clothes also have the potential to change the way we behave in certain circumstances and settings. Our mission at Fatalie is to bring forward the confidence you need to exude as a woman, claiming her space in the modern world. 


Q1. What courier service do you use for deliveries?

- We generally use Canada post.

- DHL for international purchases.

Q2. Can I place a custom order?

- Yes, simply email us at fataliedesigns@gmail.com to set up an appointment. Together we will work towards fulfilling your custom purchase.

Q3. How long does it take for my Fatalie purchase to arrive?

- Local Canadian purchases need approximately 2-4 business days for transit.

- International deliveries differ depending on your location. However, feel free to contact us at fataliedesign@gmail.com for an update on your parcel delivery.

Q4. When & how will I receive a tracking number?

- You will receive a tracking number by email once the parcel is in the process of being delivered.

Q5. How do I check the status of my order?

- If you have not yet received a tracking number, feel free to send us an email at fataliedesigns@gmail.com for a status update on your order. Kindly use the same email provided on your order and include your order number.

Q6. Is there a way to try on your products before purchasing?

- Yes! If you live in Canada Toronto Ontario, you can set up a fitting time and date. To do so, simply send us an email at fataliedesigns@gmail.com.

Q7. Where are your garments constructed?

- At the moment, all Fatalie garments are made in Canada.

Q8. What is the general wait time from for orders to be made?

- Bridal gowns: 5-6 days

- Short dresses: 4-5 days

- Long dresses: 5-6 days

- Corsets: 3-4 days

- Jackets: 4-5 days

- Blouses: 3-4 days

- Pants: 3-4 days

- Skirts: 3-4 days

- Bags: 2 days

Q9. How do I facilitate a return?

- Simply email us at fataliedesigns@gmail.com. Please include you order number as well as a short synopsis regarding the reason for returning. We would then assist you with facilitating a swift return or exchange.

Q10. Will I have to pay for returns?

- Canadian orders are exempted from return fees. However, International customers might have some minor return expenses.

Q11. Can I pick-up my order?

- Yes, order pick-ups are available. Simply email us at fataliedesigns@gmail.com to schedule a pick-up time and date.

Have any questions or concerns?